Aqueous Dispersions

Calcium and zinc stearate soaps are available as aqueous dispersions formulated for various specific applications from our plants in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, and Singapore.

Typical applications for stearate dispersions include use as lubricants in paper coatings to prevent dusting and foldcracking, water-repellents or anti-efflorescent additives in concrete, and anti-tack agents and bale dips in the manufacture and processing of rubber.

The specific benefits of dispersions as opposed to powder-form stearates are that there are no dusty powders to handle. The products are easy to disperse into water-based systems, and critical product quality parameters can be accurately controlled.

Faci group has many years of experience in making high quality stearate dispersions for all industries and can custom engineer product properties such as particle size distribution, solids content, and pH to individual customer requirements to achieve optimal application performance.