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Get to Know FACI

FACI is a family-owned, private company with corporate headquarters located in the Carasco comune of Genoa Italy. From humble beginnings, we have become a world-leader of oleochemical solutions for Polyolefin and PVC additive and lubricant requirements. Our many manufacturing plants and research centers are strategically located throughout the world to serve our customers in every corner of industry.

We are committed to sustainability and can offer you your choice of animal or vegetable-based products while ensuring the exact same outcomes.

Oleochemical Solutions for a Variety of Polyolefin, PVC, and Other Polymer-related Products



Metallic Stearates

With a large selection of different grades of polyolefin products, Faci is the one oleochemical company that can provide every stearate solution.



Lubricants and Additives

Faci is committed to the unique needs and requirements of manufacturers of PVC polymers and compounds.

FACI Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Process Aids and Additives

We offer the widest variety of process aids and additives for polymers used in engineering plastics.

Aqueous Dispersions

Aqueous Dispersions

Calcium and zinc stearate soaps are available as aqueous dispersions formulated for various specific applications from our plants in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, and Singapore.

Empowering commercial and consumer manufacturers of all kinds.

FACI’s additives are used to produce more innovative and efficient products that depend on premium additive solutions for:

  • Polymers (PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS)
  • PVC Compounds
  • Engineering Plastic
  • Masterbatch Formulas
  • Polyolefin Pre-blends and PVC 1-Packs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care Products
  • Food
Empowering Manufacturers